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Poster: ChrisH8 Date: Jun 25, 2022 4:10am
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Proposed revised catagories for Old-Time Radio

There definitely needs to be input from large OTR Internet Archive uploaders and knowledgeable people before any implementation of a revision of a section of the Archive.

Verbose section starts here;
The revision of the TV section caused some issues and lost some cultural information. It is surprising to some that performers often moved from show to show over several decades. As the joke goes, "Did you know Paul was in a band before 'Wings'?" Spoiler alert. It was "The Quarrymen."

This cultural information is lost in the current TV section decade edited breaks. And a good argument can be made that Television had cultural shifts that do not align with the turn of each decade. Does anyone think 'The Monkees" should be in the same section as "Ozzie and Harriet'?

A well liked up-loader in the previous post mentioned TV shows section has asked to close out his collection and is unsure how some of the removing collection should be classified.

The advise of people who have digitized and preserved the OTR section should be sought before a change is made to the OTR section.